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Certified Product & Project Management Expert
by Dong-Chu Ahn

Lean & Agile Product Management

Become a product and project manager in 3-6 months. Independent of time and location, at your own pace and with 100% support. We combine the flexibility of online training with that of individual one-to-one tuition.
Sharpen your profile with the Guided Self-Learning model available 24/7 and use the inclusive, individual one-to-one coaching with experienced mentors from the industry to identify your potential for improvement and further develop your strengths.

Become a Product & Project Manager in 3-6 months

20 mentoring sessions included

Learn when and where you want

Individual learning support through one-to-one mentoring

Eligible for funding with an education voucher through the Employment Agency

Synergy effects through monthly voluntary group sessions

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The digital transformation is significantly influencing the processes of how products and services are developed. This makes it all the more important to design innovative business concepts and use the right methods to bring the company to success. Agile methods and lean management are thus becoming a success factor. In the “Certified Product & Project Management Expert” training course, you will learn the agile development of business models and product strategies in a deep dive and develop market-relevant and customer-centred products and services.

  • Lean Startup
  • Kanban
  • Design Thinking
  • Corporate culture
  • VUCA World
  • Agile Leadership
  • Cynefine Model
  • Creative techniques
  • Agile methods and development
  • Business Model & Financials
  • Product strategy
  • Design & User Experience
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Agile Leadership
  • Systemic thinking

The further training “Certified Product & Project Management Expert” is aimed at beginners and young professionals who have completed their school education or vocational training and have gained initial experience in the relevant field. Participants who are aiming for a degree with a specialisation in product and project management also receive the necessary know-how in this training course to get off to a successful start. Career changers who want to move into another professional field and sharpen their professional profile are also at home in this training.

The Guided Self-Learning training “Certified Product & Project Management Expert” includes 500 teaching units with additional mentoring in individual sessions. The training can be completed in 3 months (full-time) or 6 months (part-time). After the training, you will be able to manage product development and bring digital products to market.


The start of your training is as flexible as the training itself. You can start at any time within 24 hours of receiving your education voucher.


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